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Join My Ride is based on the idea of a changing travel team of friends, locals and other vagabonds who share the same spirit of adventure


David came up with the idea and launched the shared project of JoinMyRide. He is looking forward to the upcoming adventures along the road to central asia with his ultralight paraglider and much more fun equipment. He traveled to over 50 countries and did road trips in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia before.


Jannik is joining the ride in Istanbul, Turkey on the 1st of April and will be part of the team until we reach Mongolia. Jannik loves all kinds of outdoor activities like paragliding and mountainbiking and owns 50 % shares of Johnny (our camper). He is a passionate hike and fly pilot and has his ultralight paraglider on board.


Anja is looking forward to join the ride from Kyrgyzstan to Mongolia.


Thilo will join the ride in the Caucasus and Central Asia for several weeks and will be part of the paragliding adventure in the highlands of Tajikistan.


Felix is part of the starting team of the trip from Munich and will join the ski-touring trip until Sofia, Bulgaria. Ski-touring in Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Romania will be the projects during this trip.


Consti will join the ride in the eastern part of Turkey until Georgia. He is the petrol head of the project and holds the position as 1st technical officer during his active stay and as a technical consultant during the rest of the trip.


Julia joins the ride from Cluj, Romania to Teheran, Iran. She loves sking and mountain biking and is an excellent vegetarian cook! 😉


Larissa joined the ride for a short visit in Greece for the Eastern weekend. We had an awesome time at the beach around Thessaloniki.


Here could be your name. JoinMyRide is currently looking for partners to support the adventures