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„Johnny“- the camper

“Johnny” a Volkswagen LT 31 Karmann Camper is our vehicle of choice, home, bike trailer, bar, kitchen….

Built in 1991, the VW is in excellent condition.

Some Facts:

  • 70 KW / 95 PS 6 cylider 2,4 Diesel
  • Registration for 6 persons, 2 beds in the alkoven, 3 in the “living room” and 1 has to be defined 😉
  • Bathroom including hot shower and toilet
  • Kitchen with gas stove
  • Bike / motorbike rack
  • Accessible roof which serves as a balcony

All mountain adventure bikes

We love to go mountain biking.  Our camper van Johnny currently carries three bikes ensuring unforgettable adventures on the trails of cantral asia. Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus or the Himalaya… We will ride the trails!

UP  Hike & Fly paragliders Model “Mana”

We have  some lightweight Hike&Fly paraglider from German brand UP, from their new model “Mana” with us.  A 19 qm and a 21 qm paraglider will be delivered to Turkey! We are looking forward to test the fun machines in the Caucasians mountains!

The SWING by Gumotex

Swinggi is a closed kayak. It is suitable for tours on sheltered waters, moderately flowing rivers (WW2), lakes and natural bays. Special reinforcements make the Swing particularly torsionally stiff. It is therefore very sleek, fast and easy to maneuver! Nevertheless, the kayak still remains light. A comfortable seat and plenty of space inside the boat ensure comfortable paddling. The closed construction keeps paddlers and luggage dry. We will see how Swinggi  handles the eastern rapids 😉

Photo and film equipment

We are equipped with the newest camera equipment to ensure that our memories are enriched by professional footages. A drone, an action cam and a system camera on board promise breathtaking images and videos.

Outdoor Equipment

Over the last years of traveling and adventure sports, we collected a bunch of outdoor equipment. From camping stuff like tents, sleeping bags, matresses to sport equipment like mountain bikes, kayaks, skis, climbing gear, etc. Still searching for sponsors to support the team of JoinMyRide we are looking forward to get camping equipment on board in order to place their brands in our adventures and to participate in the project.