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Ski Touring Slovakia

In general there are only basic information available online about ski touring in Slovakia. The level of details and the variety is not comparable to the information about ski touring in Austria or Germany. Furthermore, the avalanche report was to optimistic in our point of view. But the people we met were super friendly and told us more about were to go.


Ski Touring Lower Tatras at Jasna ski resort

Martin the  fotographer who we met during the demonstrations in Bratislava advised us to go to Jasna for good ski touring and freeriding.

Camping there at the valley station of the Ski resort was no issue at all and the free parking there resuled in a free stay.


The first day we decided to hike up the Chopok mountain (2023 m). Our starting point was the valley station. The way was quite obvious and after 2 hours of easy ski touring we the peak of the mountain where you find a modern restaurant. Unfortunately it was quite foggy so that we couldn’t hike to more remote peaks at the ridge. The area offers excellent freeriding areas. The snow was wet but still we had a fun ride down a 40 degree steep gully  close to the ski area. Due to the wet snow we decided to move on to the Higher Tatras, which rise over 2700 m the next day.

We decided to choose the ski village Štrbské Pleso, as a base for our exploration of the High Tatras. The ski area there is quite small but there are several options for excellent ski touring in the area. For the first tour Felix and David decided to climb the Rysy, which is with 2499m the highest mountain of Poland. Half of the peak belongs to Poland, the other half to Slovakia. On the way up we saw several avalanches but decided to continue and change the route slightly. After a steeper part for which crampons are recommended (we had none) and where you have to carry your skis on your backbag we stop to get a small rest and change to skis again. In this moment an avalanche was triggered 150 m above Felix and he had to escape by foot. The avalanche risk reported (2-3) did not cover these risks . But finally after 5 hours of ski touring up we reached the top! The way down was quite easy and safer due to less sun. In total we can strongly recommend the tour even if you should be fully aware of the alpin risks on the way!

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